Anjoul creates nature-inspired fashion.

All jewelry is handmade from real pressed flowers and leaves. Just like in nature no two pieces are the same - let us celebrate nature's diversity

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My Story

It all started on a trip I took with my partner to his home country Jamaica. There I fell in love with the beautiful flowers I saw everywhere. On our walks, I started picking a couple of flowers and drying them in the books I brought. A few weeks later we had to leave this beautiful island in a hurry as the pandemic had hit hard and countries were closing their borders. We jumped on a flight back to the US, and I spent the entire year finding the best ways to keep flowers alive all year round.

As someone who has always loved jewelry, and in particular to wear unique pieces, I was immediately obsessed when my father suggested using something like resin to make my jewelry. Since then I have been trying out different techniques and learning a lot about flowers in the process.

I do not remember anything making me as happy as creating these pieces. I wear them myself all the time, and the pride in every compliment I get is unbelievable. It has become my dream to make this small business work and I have never worked on anything as passionately as this.

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